Grad Practice + Banapple

With Yoki & Dhezz
Dhezz & Anj...my famiy! hehe
PICC Plenary Hall
hahaha ruffa mae!! mis yah!
casual wear for grad practice.
F21 Beige bolero.F21 Lace Inner top.Old Navy Cardigan. Thrifted sling bag.Black Leggings from Dept store.CMG Flats
kristel & anne
fresh from america haha..miss you girl!

hi pam!
angely, me, kevin and zet
shine,anne,ton,morissy,me and kristel
me, allan, larry & kristel

happy v-day!
Adorable ceiling
m&m inspired table?
Their bestseller..yummy but too sweet :(
Cute Restroom :)
Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs & Cheesy Penne...must try!

We had our grad practice in PICC Plenary Hall. It was kinda boring  because it took us 3-4 hours but thank God there's wifi in that place so I could check my fb while waiting for my name to be called and go up the stage. I'm glad that I got to see all my batchmates and close friends that I haven't seen for 6 months I think because of our internship outside the school. I also saw some of my friends who came back to the Philippines after having their ojt in America. I miss them so much! After our practice, we headed to our school to have our pictures taken(for TOR & Class picture). We waited 1 hour I think but to kill the boredom, we did some chikas and cam whoring :p 

Before going home, Kristel and I decided to eat dinner in Banapple in Ayala Triangle Gardens. It's our first time to eat there and that's what we really wanted, to try something new! The atmosphere of the place is so relaxing and it was like you were in your own house chillin' and having a great conversation with your bestfriend. Don't you just love the decorations?To the owner or whoever planned for the concept of this resto..I must say you're a genius! It really looks like a dollhouse to me..so cute! We ordered Hickory Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs and Cheesy Pesto for main entree.I'm speechless haha! The ribs are so savory.. strong yet unique taste.For the desserts, we tried the Banoffee pie which is what I also ordered as the birthday cake of my sister. The other one is Toffee Roca Pie...both are so sweet that's why I had a sore throat after eating these cakes.Too bad I already ordered the bday cake for my sister. Gaadd, hello weight gain! After, dieting and extreme workouts for almost one month, here I am eating sweets n carbs! haha! 

Well, I love all the stories that we shared that day. It's been 4 months that we haven't seen each other. We talked about future plans after graduation, crushes(hihi), experiences during our ojt, other people that we know hehe, preparations for our grad like dress,makeup,hairstyle etc. That's how we spent our Vday!Love yah kristel! mwah :)

My next posts: My sister's bday celebration, New F21 Store, Balikbayan box and my graduation! :)



  1. HAHA. yiiiieee, you posted our picture together!!! i love the caption! HAHA. :)) <3 Thanks Cecil.. :))

  2. HAHA. yiiiieee, you posted our picture together!!! i love the caption! HAHA. :)) <3 Thanks Cecil.. :)) miss you too girly,, :)