beesee :p

There are so many things that I need to finish this week...I dunno where to start :( but I think I should not be sad because I have many friends that have 8 or 9 subjects this term...I should be thankful instead and do my best to excel in all my subjects...FYI:I only have 5 subjects this term haha...I should have adjusted 1 more subj. arggh! but one thing that excites me this week is that I will see my uncle again after 2 years I think...He is the best uncle in the world!! corny right?but it's true! :) Can't wait to hug him!...haha! Oh well, I need to study now for my wortour quiz tom...Sayonara! :)

Congrats Taylor Swift and Beyonce!! :)


  1. hope you do get back to blogging, we most def need more chic filipinas around here!:)

    hope you can drop by my site and show some love!:)


  2. randomly came across ur blog!!! and saw that ure new!!! welcome and good luck!!! hope to see more of ur posts!

    xoxo jenna