What's the brand of your nails?

Chanel Nail Polish set :)
3 amazing colors: Gold, Red and Ruge Noir

Do you guys remember that I wished for a nail polish set in my previous post? Well, tadaah!! My mom's bestfriend from USA gave this to her. It's really okay if it is not Orly haha...You cannot say no to Chanel right?Thank you Tita Net! :) Gorgeous colors!!! I wanna try the gold nail polish because it's so unique and so cleopatra! hehe :p I had my nails done last night but I decided to put hot pink polish instead because we will go to Cebu( A beautiful place here in the Philippines) on thursday.  It's famous for the Magellan's Cross, Dried mangoes and great beaches. I go for bright color nail polish whenever I go to the beach . I think I will just save the gold polish for Christmas .

Have nice day gorgeous people! :)


Cecil of craving for shoes 

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  1. wow! congrats! i always wished for chanel nail polish! <3 doh, it's so expensive!