Mani-Pedi Time!

I really want to have my nails done since the day we arrived home from Singapore because the trip was very tiring. I forced my parents to go to a mall after mass. Too bad my sister wasn't able to come with us because she needs to prepare for her job interview the next day(fyi: she nailed it!).My mom had a facial treatment while my dad had a body massage. What a nice idea to spend our Sunday afternoon. I brought my fave book with me "L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad". It was from my sister and her boyfriend as their Christmas gift for me. I really like the story. The other reason why I love to read this book is because it's written by my fave fashion icon, Lauren Conrad. I love her to death! 

I chose the baby pink nail polish from Essie. I swear the color is so cute!! looks like a cotton candy. I'm torn between the baby pink and baby blue nail polish. We also watched "The Tourist" and it was hilarious. Very far from what I expected. The story is simple but it has a twist. Angelina Jolie looks so gorgeous and i love her make-up. Okay. I will just post my other pics tom cause I'm so sleepy now. Time check: 1:26 a.m.

I used the Forever 21 dress tag as my bookmark haha! 

Dress: Cotton-On
Slippers: Tory Burch
Earrings: Forever 21 
Bag: Local store in Singapore 



  1. Great images! Love that nail color!

  2. Like your nailpolish,baby pink is one of my favorites!Nice photos too!


  3. Wow, Lauren Conrad's my fave as well! :) I have all her books but, my favorite's her style book! :) Love her!