Sparkling So Bright

Purse: H&M
Top: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Accessories: Aldo & Parfois
Shoes: Matthews

Forgive me for posting this just now. I really had a busy week ahead after Christmas until New Year's day. My Christmas this year is nearly perfect. I mean, I received many blessings and we were able to attend the mass and Noche Buena in our church with the whole family. It would have been perfect if my sister(Kelly) is here celebrating this special day with us.For the past two years, we didn't have the chance to attend because my mom is sick. So here's our Christmas Eve. In the afternoon, my relatives from my mother side arrived in our house to spend the Xmas Eve with us. We exchanged gifts, dance, eat delicious foods and laugh like there's no tomorrow. We always make sure that we will have time for them every year and it's either Christmas or New Year's Eve. The party finished around 7pm and we rushed to our bedroom to change outfits because we will go to the church.

The reason why I named it "Sparkling So Bright"is simply because of my top that I'm wearing haha! My brother even said that it looks like a disco ball to him haha! I want to try something different this time that's why I decided to buy it from Forever 21. You really don't have an idea how long we stayed in f21. I guess 4 hours? I was so confused on what skirt can goes well with this top and I am happy that I picked the right one. The first plan is to wear F21 from head to foot but unfortunately, there's no goody shoes that I can find in there that time.

After mass, and it's around 2:00 a.m., My sister(Tin) and I did some camwhoring in our house. Her puppy also joined the pictorial. so cute!

Top: Forever 21
Vest: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Schutz

With Kathy and Virna
(thanks Virna for the pic :p)

Big happy family!!




  1. Hi honey! I love the combination of that skirt and that top!
    I have read you are a fan of Chanel nail polishes, so am I!
    Love from a new follower here,

  2. thanks for following me, cute outfit! xxxx