Forever Young

Happy 2ne1 :)

Dress,Wedge and Accessories...all from Forever 21.

Forever Young was the first thing that came into my head when I realized that I'm wearing F21 from head to toe..well almost because I forgot the brand of rattan and metal bangles..I'm not that sure if it was from F21 or Parfois. Actually I kinda hate it because some people might think that I'm pretending or trying to be the endorser of the said store..oh well. It just happened that my mom and I decided to go to f21 to buy a bday dress and I just can't resist to buy my dream wedge and adorable accessories that would go well with my dress. Thanks mom for the shopping spree! You're the best! :) 

I know I'm already 21 but I love Hello Kitty so much!!!
thanks sister for the uber cute cake! love it!
My fave..umm better than red roses. Thanks!
My tarp

It's a tradition in our family that we will greet the bday celebrant so early in the morning like 5:30am with tarpaulin,balloons,cake and gifts! So they entered my room while I'm still in my bed..sleeping...haha! They woke me up by singing "Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you" in a very very loud voice :p
We celebrated my birthday in Pamana Restaurant in Tagaytay. I chose this place because it's very relaxing and super cold. I had a hard time finding the right restaurant. I browsed many websites and blogs that have reviews and pictures of the best restaurants in Tagaytay. When I saw the  food,venue and breath-taking view of this resto, I immediately asked my parents if we could celebrate my bday here....Oh the food...suppppppperrrr delicious!!! 
My fab sister
My Pink Plate

Here comes the...ice cream cake :)
My nephew and his kite 

Thanks everyone for all the birthday greetings. I really appreciate it.

I wanna thank my family for making my birthday super special. I cannot ask for more. I'm so blessed to have you guys! You don't know how thankful I am because you did everything to make me happy knowing that my Chow-chow passed away few days before my birthday. I thought I couldn't smile anymore. He's very special to me. My best friend and my playmate. I miss him everyday but I should face the reality. I'll really treasure our sweet memories. Again, thank you guys! :)

Rest in Peace my Bailey :)



  1. aww happy birthday and nice ribbon ring!

  2. happy birthday!!! i saw that resto in Tagaytay! glad to know it has nice food and view, now i want to try it too :) Btw, sorry to hear about the loss :( that's a cute dog :(

  3. Belated happy birthday.
    Such a pretty dress and wedge! :)

    Btw, this is Krisel of glamourville shop. I just thought you might like to check my online shop. I sell fashion apparels, footwears like wedge and boots from Asia.
    Hope you can drop by some time.



  4. Cute blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)


  5. i love your shoes. :) and oh, im also a fan of hello kitty!! nice blog.

    it'll be great if we'll give each other a follow! :)


  6. Love your outfit! Nice blog too! :)