Sweet Escape

Hiyah! It's been ages since the last time I posted something here. I'm really sorry. I hope I could tell you the reason why. I didn't even open my Chictopia,Fashiolista and Lookbook account as well.Hmm Facebook is an exemption haha! Actually, I tried but it only lasted for 1 week I think haha. That's why I call it a Sweet Escape. I took a break for almost 2 months. Now, I'm back to normal haha. Thank you Lord for directing me to the right path. I'm okay now :) I really miss blogging. I realized that I aint gonna stop doing what I really love, which is expressing my love for fashion through blogging. Naks! :p

So I've decided that I'll just post random March &  April pics. Enjoy!

My Ring Collection. 
Totally incomplete!!! :( Some rings are missing huhu including my fave black flower ring :(
Lovely Ribbon Ring. bought it from my fab friend, Angely. Go check out her online store Vintage Charms by A <--CLICK THISShe sells SUPER affordable vintage accessories! Love yah Angely! :)

Meet our cute pup..Princess Phoebe!
Super comfy slippers from SM
My sis and her boyfie
Umm.I need bangs!!
Blazer: from SG, Skirt: Shilin Market,Taipei, Top: GZ

Dress: H&M,Sunglasses: F21 & Fedora Hat: Random Taiwan brand

Dress: ZARA
Hello bright colors...perfect for summer!
Fashion Magazines
Baked Mussels that I made :) Bloggers can cook too right?haha
My nephews.
Bellevue Hotel
At Batangas Port.
Holy Week at Puerto Galera. 
Thank you Lord for your beautiful creation! :)
Lovely dress of Phoebe...our puppy!..i'll upload her entire dress collection next time :p
Thank you brother dear for the pasalubong from Hong Kong!
Nice choice brother! of course with the help of my sis-in-law hehe! thanks!


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